LGFCU announces plan for branch openings and cash solutions

A message from CEO Dwayne Naylor

Over the past several months, we’ve kept you updated through emails, letters, phone calls and in-person meetings. We’ve pledged to build a credit union that exceeds your expectations, offering the products and services you’ve requested. And now, we’re making good on that promise.

Branch and cash solutions

Many of you shared with us that you depend on branch access. In some cases, it’s because that personal credit union contact allows you to talk with a staff member comfortably and discuss your finances. In other cases, you may just need to make larger cash deposits or withdrawals. 

We’re pleased to share with you that we’ve found solutions to address both these concerns.

  • In true partnership, SECU and LGFCU are working toward cash deposit and withdrawal options for LGFCU/Civic members after June 2025. A cash solution in the branches would allow all members more time to transition to digital channel delivery.
  • In 2024, Civic will open 11 branches located in areas of the state where large member populations work or live. These branches, located in Ahoskie, Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Hickory, Lumberton, Mt. Airy, Murphy, Raleigh and Wilmington, will invite in-person access to our staff and will also include options for cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • But that’s not all: Civic will provide many other channels for withdrawals and deposits in North Carolina through networked retailers, ATMs, and more.
  • Lastly, you'll continue to enjoy surcharge-free access to hundreds of CashPoints® ATMs across North Carolina.

We’ll also offer more contact points than you’ve ever had before. You can talk directly to the same LGFCU/Civic staff members who have worked on your behalf with SECU for years. When we separate from SECU in 2025, you can reach us anytime by phone. You can also reach us through video chat, by text or email, or use video co-browsing so we can help you with live tech support. Plus, our in-person remote teams will continue to visit local government units and catch up with members in communities across the state.

Redefining “local” with digital channels

If you’re one of the members who told us you aren’t familiar with digital channels, we heard you. So that’s why:

  • We’ll partner with more than 25 local governments to provide spaces for their employees to connect with Civic where they work. Over the next several months, we’ll provide connectivity, along with Civic presence, primarily through virtual and online co-learning, to provide financial education and training on how to do business anywhere, anytime.
  • Plus, we’re asking the more than 600 county and city government campuses to connect with us to set up a space for interactive learning and/or for our team members to meet face-to-face with our members, where they work, at regularly recurring scheduled blocks.

Working toward a smooth transition

We continue to work closely with SECU to make sure all accounts, ACH payments, payroll deduction, direct deposits, checks and so on, will automatically transfer at independence. You will receive all account services through SECU until independence in June 2025. Employees at both SECU and LGFCU are diligently working on this conversion effort.

These are exciting times at LGFCU and Civic. Our entire staff is all in, committed to bringing you the best member experience imaginable. I hope you’ll continue to stay tuned and see how we’re working to make the very changes you’ve requested. After all, this is your credit union.

Dwayne Naylor 
Chief Executive Officer

Our $1 million milestone

LGFCU and Civic partner with the UNC School of Government to fund professional development scholarships for those in public service. We’ve reached the $1 million milestone of scholarship funding!

Civic Local Foundation honors grant recipients, celebrates partnerships

Civic Local Foundation held its inaugural "Inspiration Celebration" on November 16, 2023, honoring its grant and student scholarship recipients, and commemorating our partnership with the UNC School of Government.

Credit Union hosts AC Connect advocacy events

We’ve been meeting with our Advisory Council volunteers by hosting AC Connect events across the state, collecting feedback, answering questions and showing what Civic can do for our members and the local government community.

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