A message to members from CEO Dwayne Naylor

Dear Fellow Members,

After much discussion and careful exploration, the Local Government Federal Credit Union Board of Directors has decided to operate independently of SECU.

Becoming independent was not an easy decision to make. Frankly, when LGFCU was created 39 years ago, it was with the understanding that providing services through SECU would not last forever. Now is the right time for this change, and SECU is committed to assisting LGFCU in our efforts to make this transition. Our Board of Directors has prepared for this evolution toward independence and is dedicated to serving the local government community.

So, what does this mean? This means you will no longer be served by SECU staff after independence. LGFCU staff will proudly move to the frontline to directly provide products and services designed specifically for our local government members. The goal for independence is March 2024.

What this means for you

LGFCU is here to stay! How we serve you will soon look a little different.

We are well positioned to respond to the needs of our local government members to help you build wealth faster. Civic Federal Credit Union was launched by LGFCU for our local government members to build a financial institution positioned for the future — one built to compete in the market and leverage technology that allows us to serve our members better than anyone, anywhere. Through the combination of LGFCU and Civic, we're creating the best financial institution for local government on rates, service and purpose. We are working collaboratively with SECU to coordinate this transition.

Independence means:

  1. We will have a greater ability to create products and services designed with you in mind, and with faster delivery.
  2. Some of the most competitive rates of any other financial institution, so you have more money in your pocket.
  3. Increased opportunities for Credit Union staff to meet with members — in-person, through video chat, by phone — whether at your local office or maybe even at a coffee shop, wherever you are across the state.
  4. The convenience of banking from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere, anytime, rather than traveling to a branch.
  5. Fee-free access to every ATM in the world, including CashPoints.®

What's next?

You won't have to do a thing. It's your same Credit Union operating differently. Your direct deposits, BillPay, loans, automatic transfers, etc., will remain the same. We'll do all the work to transition your accounts.

Remember, this transition to independence won't happen until March 2024. A lot of work must take place to meet this goal. We'll communicate what's happening along the way. During this transition we invite you to help us dream and design the future of our independence. We'll host local government summits and receive feedback from our members. We are creating a dynamic future together.

Check out our Independence webpage to track our progress, learn more or ask questions.

We're excited about our independence journey and what it means for our members — those who serve North Carolina.

Dwayne Naylor
Chief Executive Officer

Our $1 million milestone

LGFCU and Civic partner with the UNC School of Government to fund professional development scholarships for those in public service. We’ve reached the $1 million milestone of scholarship funding!

Civic Local Foundation honors grant recipients, celebrates partnerships

Civic Local Foundation held its inaugural "Inspiration Celebration" on November 16, 2023, honoring its grant and student scholarship recipients, and commemorating our partnership with the UNC School of Government.

Credit Union hosts AC Connect advocacy events

We’ve been meeting with our Advisory Council volunteers by hosting AC Connect events across the state, collecting feedback, answering questions and showing what Civic can do for our members and the local government community.

Keep me posted!