Our story

Your Credit Union has always done things a little differently. By leading with innovation and a focus on North Carolina communities, we’ve built something pretty cool. See how we got here.

1983 – 2000

An Innovative Beginning

In an unconventional move, local government employees create their own credit union. They contract with State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) for shared branching and account servicing for this new credit union. (Spoiler: It was LGFCU.)

  • About 5,000 members join this new Credit Union, which is at first called North Carolina Local Government Employees Federal Credit Union.
  • The LGEFCU Advisory Council is created. This influential committee of member volunteers offers feedback on products and services.
  • The name is changed to Local Government Federal Credit Union.
2000s – 2010

Credit union growth

LGFCU’s membership and community impact continue to grow. As Membership Development Officers (MDOs) are added to LGFCU’s staff and members’ needs are heard louder and clearer than ever, the plan for a new digital credit union begins to take shape.

  • LGFCU begins to offer debit cards that raise funds for specific member groups such as the North Carolina State Firefighters’ Association.
  • MDOs are added to LGFCU’s staff to help connect with members across the state.
  • LGFCU begins offering loans to municipal fire and rescue departments.
  • LGFCU reaches $1 billion in deposits.
  • SECU announces it will discontinue offering deposit services to organizations.
  • The plan for a new digital credit union begins to take shape.
2010s – 2023

LGFCU envisions Civic

When SECU stops servicing organizational accounts, including fire and EMS departments, LGFCU creates Civic FCU — a Credit Union designed and built for the people who support North Carolina communities.

  • Civic FCU is chartered to serve people, communities and small businesses.
  • Civic offers access to newer banking technology and a scalable infrastructure that could one day support LGFCU members.
  • Civic grows to 5,000 business and consumer members.
  • Civic and LGFCU launch what is now the Civic Local Foundation to help North Carolina communities thrive.
  • Data shows that LGFCU members are using branches less often, in favor of digital transactions that are more convenient.

Where we are now

LGFCU Board of Directors decide to operate independently of SECU. In addition to operations, LGFCU will fully manage account and customer services for its own members, beginning in 2025. Throughout the journey to independence, LGFCU leadership and staff travel the state to hear members’ ideas and address concerns about the new credit union experience.

  • LGFCU hosts statewide summits to connect with members.
  • Less than 17% of members’ transactions occur in a branch, while digital transactions increase by almost 20% over the past five years.

Our story continues

The future may look a little different, but the credit union values, service and community focus you know and trust aren’t going anywhere. We look forward to offering you more comprehensive products and services. More access and control over your accounts. And more personalized support in reaching your financial goals through LGFCU and Civic’s combined capabilities.

Keep me posted!