Mortgages arrive at Civic

With the addition of mortgages to the Civic product lineup, members can purchase or refinance a home, all with the credit union! 

Civic members now have the choice of a Fixed-Rate Mortgage, an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM), or a First-Time Homebuyer Loan. Partnering with the Credit Union Mortgage Association (CUMA) provides members with personal guidance and a streamlined homebuying process. 

"Homeownership can help build wealth, but not all mortgages are created equal,” said Mark Caverly, Executive Vice President. “That’s why we want to help homebuyers get the best mortgage rate and terms they need."

More than home loans

Mortgage grants and tax programs are also available to eligible members when they apply for a mortgage. The First-Time Homebuyer Program, Community Partners Product, and Mortgage Credit Certificates help reduce costs and make homeownership more affordable.

It takes a village

It takes a village! That was a recurring sentiment at our first-quarter Partnership Meeting, hosted this week at the Civic Conference Center in downtown Raleigh. Read on for highlights! 

Local Connect - Smithfield

We were recently in Smithfield meeting with members and community leaders to continue discussing our June 2025 transition to serving our members independent of the SECU branch network. We were glad to host a diverse group of invested credit union and community members.

First official branch location - Asheville

We’ve secured our first official branch location, (aside from our headquarters in Raleigh), in Asheville at 275 Smokey Park Highway. With plans for more branches, these interactive centers prioritize guiding members in technology use for business, fostering digital comfort, and enabling cash deposits. We are close to announcing the next ones, so stay tuned!

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